It was Saturday night and I walked dreamily through the streets. Then suddenly I saw her. A little girl, standing at the bus stop. She stood slightly apart from the other people who were waiting for the bus.

At first I believed to see an Angel. She seemed so innocent and fragile. At first glance, this girl seemed to be untainted. Her cheeks were slightly flushed. She was a real beauty with her big eyes, fine mouth, and the small snub nose. Her golden hair shone in the moonlight and fell loosely around her shoulders. Only her light blue summer dress was out of place.

Didn’t she feel cold? After all, it was already early autumn and the first leaves were colourful. Even if it was a mild night, this dress was a little unsuitable. She held an umbrella in her hand, but there was no sign of rain. Neither hide nor hair of her parents.

When our eyes met, I knew it: That's my mission! My good deed for today! I smiled faintly at her and she returned my smile self-confident. Feeling confirmed, I approached her and asked what she did here all alone at this late time. But instead of answering my question, she looked straight into my eyes. „Do you see the guy with the hood?“, she asked me.

I saw him. Few meters away a man sat on the bench in front of the bus stop. He seemed to be in his early thirties and wore a short beard. His hood was pulled into his face but he took a peek at us. I nodded slightly and the girl continued: „He's persecuting me!“

I stared at the little girl. She wasn't being serious, was she? The impression on my face seemed to speak for itself. Without further explanation, she grabbed my arm and drew me aside. „Come on, I'll show you!”

We headed towards the man and as we passed him, he looked straight into my eyes. I had to admit that this girl was right; this man seemed to be really scary. Only when we were out of his reach, the little girl let off my arm. I heard rustling clothes and knew without turning around that the man had stood up. Although I didn't hear steps following us, the girl urged me to haste.

We ran down the street and turned to smaller side streets several times. I was hoping that this area was familiar to the girl because I didn't know if I would find the way back. Suddenly the girl stopped. I leaned against a wall; need to rest for a second. When I started to feel safe, the little girl whispered something into my ear: „In a minute we’re dead!“

Frightened, I jumped up and didn't know where I should flee. As if she had seen my panic before, the girl pulled me back and held on to my arm. „He's been waiting behind this corner on us!“ These words came emotionless to her mouth. She grabbed her umbrella firmly and held it like a weapon. The tip of the umbrella was gleaming in the street lights. When she jumped confidently around the corner, it looked like a razor-sharp dagger. At first I felt like this was a bad joke. Could the man had really cut our way? How could he known which streets we were walked through? Even I couldn't imagine how this girl could know what would expect us behind the corner.

But when I heard the typical sounds of a melee and following groan, I was taught better. I pulled myself out of my thoughts and stepped bravely around the corner. Horrified, I watched the girl pull the ‘dagger’ out of the man's breast. She stabbed him again. Killing spree flashed in her eyes and her smile seemed to be ever-widening. It was really the man from the bus stop!

The little girl was right about him. Not only that he had followed her, also that he was behind this corner. We could have been really dead within this minute. But now it caught him and not us!

After the girl had stabbed the man again and again, I couldn't watch this horrific sight any longer. I called her to stop but she didn't respond. This man could no longer harm us anymore. With all power I was able to push the girl aside and snatch the umbrella. The adrenaline was still controlling her and she was hardly to calm. Only when I took the girl in my arms, it seemed like she came back to reality. I let go off her and she withdraw from my embrace immediately.

The girl picked up her umbrella and looked bitter at me. „Let's get out of here!“, she ordered in a voice which didn't allow any objection. She didn't mention the man or the bloody deed. To make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I briefly looked back. The man still laid there. He was bent double and a pool of blood spread out under his body slowly. His hood had been pushed back and revealed his face. In the pale light, it looked even more stressed and especially his distinctive cheekbones stood out. His black hair was bound in a small ponytail. His dead eyes stared at me while we disappeared around the corner.

I was still in shock and passively let the little girl lead me through the streets. A mystical spell laid upon us. No one said a word as if not to break it. It was the spell of forgetting and repressing. Should we ever break this spell, we would have to face the consequences of this horrific act and admit the mistakes we had committed. But the reality and the ghastly events were very far away, hidden behind a grey mist.

We came to the bus stop just in time. We arrived at the same time as the next bus. The girl entered the bus immediately. She smiled and waved at me. The doors closed and the bus disappeared into the night.

Together with the girl and her umbrella; but without clearing up her mystery. And I didn't even know her name.

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© 2011 by Merci based on a dream